"Fairy Tale"


So, the story behind this photograph... One day, while driving across Istria with my friend to find something worth shooting, on our way home we were passing through the village Manjadvorci. While passing by an old farm, we saw a white horse standing in the back yard, so we decided to take a look. Soon we found out that there was a bunch of animals all over the farm, as well as a few more horses and each of them had his own house (which is actually an old Istrian house). The place was magical, we felt like we stumbled into a fairy tale. We found out that the owner turned his old family farm and houses into a little animal shelter so that kids from school can visit and play with the animals. If I'm not mistaken, there is also a horse riding school. And as for the subject of the photograph itself, I was watching this horse the whole time, I really liked the contrast of old Istrian house and a white horse. At one moment he entered the house in which, until then, I thought people lived in. Then I just waited for the perfect moment when he showed himself at the window.