"Passing By II"

Vela Draga

As most Istrian waterfalls and streams, this one is also hard to get to. To make things worse, most of them are small or non existing unless you visit them right after rain. Of course, that makes things difficult, because you need to cross large distances on slippery rocks and mud. This was no exception... From a distance and from above this waterfall looked very close, but when I got to the canyon I realised that there's quite a distance to cross. When I finally got there (after almost quitting a few times because I was not sure I would be able to get back before nightfall) it started to rain, so I decided not to go further. The original plan was to cross the river and climb up the steep debris in order to capture the grand, upper part of the waterfall. But I decided to play it safe and stayed only for a few minutes to capture this, and then I went back before the hard rain kicked in. I really liked how the smaller waterfall was framed by the rocks around it. I hope I'll go there again next autumn to get it right, but for now this one will do.