"Blaze In The Sky"


It was raining all day, and even though usually I'm always ready to go shooting when it's raining, that day I wasn't planning to and also the forecast was rain all day, without any sun. But at one moment when I got home from a walk with my dog the sky opened, it was that moment when you are in doubt whether to go or to stay home. I quickly ran out of the car to leave my dog at home and to take my equipment and whoossh, off I was on the road trying to think of what's the closest place that is interesting enough. That location was not in my mind but it was on my way...When I saw that sky light up I knew it was only gonna last for half a minute. I stopped immediately at this well known place with an already well practiced composition, I snapped a few shots and I was back in the car going for the shot I had originally planned. Of course it was to late, the fire in the sky was over, even though there was some red and pink left, it wasn't even close to that before. When I got home I was disappointed because I took a good shot on the wrong location. But after browsing through files in Bridge I saw that there was potential in the shot. After post production I realized that it was not that bad after all. Now I love this shot, especially when I know that I was going to this place for 3 years and at the moment when I thought I outgrew it, I took the best photo of it.