"Battle of Sudden Flame"


Too sad to even talk about this day. I was in hurry to visit my grandparents so I had no time to go out and shoot. While I was walking my dog I grabbed my camera cause the sky looked promising, and it sure was. During sunset all those lower clouds lit up and the ones behind them stayed dark and thick, which gave it a special atmosphere...the best kind of atmosphere to shoot actually, and I was standing there in the middle of the field near my house with not a thing to shoot. I snapped a quick panorama of what was only a tiny part of the whole show. I was so mad that entire day because I had to go visit my grandparents. Even days after I could not forget what I missed out on....A few days later my grandfather passed away...Only later did I realise that I was so focused on missing out on the good sky (big fucking deal), that I didn't focus on what were about to be my last moments with my grandfather. To be honest, I don't like this photograph at all, but I decided to put it here just because of its meaning. The meaning that there are more important moments in life that we miss to capture and preserve than a nice sky.