"Towards I Roam"

Vela Draga

Rain was falling during the entire day. I was in a dilemma wether to stay there and wait for the sunset in hope for good light, or to play it safe and go home. I knew that if I stayed I would have to climb steep slippery rocks in the dark which, for sure, wasn't going to be fun at all. As always, I decided to wait and see what happens. In the end there was some good light but my old 5d was not able to capture that cause I was forced to take off my ND filter. I took it off because there was not enough space between the filter and lense for air so it was constantly foggy. If only I remembered to take 3 frames for blending, this image would be much more beauftiul but since that is not my usual practice I had forgotten. After frustratingly waiting for an hour for the rain to stop I was glad to capture anything, so this atmosphere was pretty nice after all.