"Long Story Short"


So...this is probably the most painful panorama I have ever done. I have never worked so much on one photograph in post production like on this one. This is one of the first photographs of Mont Blanc I've captured on my trip there. I loved it because it was a little bit different and it had that amazing depth with those cascades going down into the distance which was more important to capture then mountains itself. I took around 7 sets of panorama of this vantage point and it was one of those photographs where you don't care if you don't take anything else for the rest of the trip. When I got home I jumped on that panorama right away but it was not that easy. Long story short I have started to search another software for panorama just for this image. Out of 7 sets not one was photoshop capable to merge (tried all the sets on all the merging options). This one was most promising and after trying PT Gui I finally managed to merge them without an error. But then there was other problems like distortion, colors, sky, size of mountains against foreground to cut this already long story short I have spend month on this photograph, tweaking it everyday a little bit more with rested eyes. Not to mention this is a cropped version of the real photograph, it was too much foreground and mountains didn't look big at all so it had to be done. I'm still not satisfied with this and if I ever visit Chamonix again this is the first and only thing I will go shot. I really hope someone will find this long story a bit interesting so I didn't write it for no reason.