"Burning Peak"

Passo Giau

Morning blaze at passo Giau. Funny story. I came there really early in the morning to capture the first light. When I arrived at location, that I have found a day earlier I saw a parked car and I thought to myself probably another photographer. As I went on trough the dunes of deep snow I came across 3 something that I didn't realize right away what that could be, actually they looked like tombstones. I thought to myself what the hell happened here last night :) And as I went on I saw few birds in distance fly away and a shushing sound from the back...as I turned I realized that those 3 something were actually a tent for bird photographers and there were 3 big lenses sticking out of them. I felt so bad for them. I know what must it feel like to come there early in freezing morning to capture something and then some idiot comes walking by looking at some mountain and not realizing that he is scaring of birds. Later the guy approached me and asked me nicely to go away :D Of course I apologized and gave them a space for their activity. As I went onward over the dunes the nice light set Ra Gusela aflame and in the end I got what I came there to shoot. I think those guys got their shots as well since I saw those birds few days later and realized that they are not that afraid of humans.