Robert Marić

Finding dreams in nature.


I offer photography prints of the highest quality. If you would like one of my photographs to embellish the wall of your dream house or make your office more colourful, I encourage you to contact me in order to make this experience as personal as possible. The prices depend on the size and type of paper.


I provide rights-managed licensing for all of my photographs (whether they are used in magazines, album cover, advertisements, book covers, presentations, websites or elsewhere). If you find a photograph that you would like to see in your website layout or as a cover for your next cd album, contact me and we will make it happen.


If you like my photography style and want to hire me to create imagery that fit your next project that is also possible. I provide all services, from location scouting to planning and organising shooting, to get you your perfect shot. I am able to travel wherever you imagine your shot should take place. I am available for shooting commercial photography, events, interiors, exteriors, businesses and portraits.



I live and work in small, picturesque city in Istria, Croatia, called Poreč. In and around the city is where I started my photography journey back in 2008, with photographing dark clouds and shorelines around. In my work I portray the landscape of the Istrian peninsula and the Alps. Through landscape and a specific visual discourse I try to unite the monumental character of natural phenomena with the fragile spirit of Istrian veduta, in order to connect everyday life within the frame of nature with a mystical and surreal atmosphere of a specific climate.

My style of photography was always influenced by works of fantasy genre artists and writings of J.R.R. Tolkien. Capturing dreamlike moments, that invoke almost indescribable feelings to our emotions, is the only thing I have ever wanted to to convey with a photograph. For that reason, my photographs never had hidden meanings nor was I overly articulate in describing them. I always wanted my works to speak of things I cannot explain with words, because if I knew how to do that, I wouldn't probably call myself a photographer any more, but a poet instead.

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